Read this article in today’s Times of India regarding coping with retrenchment.

Here are some of my observations of people reacting to having been unceremoniously expelled from their organisation.

– One person finds solace in blaming the management for throwing out the wrong set of people, and all the incapable ones that are inside.

РAnother frantically updates his resum̩ and searches the websites of the best-known companies for an opening and channels his profile through any aperture he finds.

– Some others spend their time in groups, joking about the top people in the organisation, and how the rest of the “saved” set of people are also doomed, their turn is yet to come.

– A few others spent a couple of days after the shocking event (of having been kicked out) laughing about it, telling everyone that “I am out!”, only to grow gloomier with each passing day as the truth dawns on them.

All of them are a depressed group of people clinging to their dwindling self-confidence and trying to convince themselves that they are not good-for-nothings and to build up courage to face more career hurdles in the dark recession-hit future before them.