When I get back from office the first thing I do is drop down on the sofa and reach for the TV remote. Yesterday HBO was playing Perfect Stranger, starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Everyone knows Halle Berry is gorgeous, I found yesterday that I like her acting too (I don’t think I have watched any of her movies – even the James Bond one). Cool !

Yesterday seems to have been Bruce Willis Day – at 9PM, it was Armageddon. One of the movie channels keeps playing this movie so often that the moment I see the team in orange astro suits walking towards the rocket, I escape from the area. Yesterday there was absolutely nothing else anywhere so I ended up seeing it without feeling much. There are so many movies with the theme of the-darn-guy-who-is-the-best,-forced-to-save-the-world, that it no longer gives us any thrill. Instead, sometimes it gets so irritating to watch the “long-suffering” expression on the hero’s face.

Last week’s movie was No Reservations, an average romance with the setting of a restaurant kitchen. Nothing worth mentioning here, except that Catherine Zeta Jones looks awesome as usual.