“This job requires working late, as our clients are Europeans and their day starts after our lunch”, the interviewer said.
“That would be a problem”, said I. “I need to get home by half past seven. I have a small son, you see.”
“Oh! Half past seven? Hmm-mm.”
“How late do you think it will get ?”
“Around eleven-ish? It happens only once a week, maybe twice a week.”
“Eleven is too late, I don’t think I can take up this job.”

“Why don’t you go for teaching,” the lady said kindly, as I got up to leave. “Get an M.Tech and join a university. It’s a cool job. You get vacations, classes would be an hour or two a day and you can reach home early. Perfect job for a woman!”
I was silent. She went on about the benefits of being a lecturer.

But I don’t want to do that“, I thought. “why can’t I do what I want and still be able to manage my personal life?

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Work-Life Balance