Two persons with different sets of experiences, mindsets and behaviour (but in the same age group and in the same environment) are given a problem where they need to express their reactions to help the questioner out of a difficult and emotionally challenging situation (which he feels is an insult on top of injury). Each one is unaware of the reaction of the other to the problem.

Here are their reactions.

– Justifies that the situation is right and is as per “Policy”.
– Tries to make light of it and says it isn’t an issue at all.
– Says that You are being too emotional and should not do anything in fury.
– Says, I perfectly understand your feelings but I cannot ease it for you, there is no humiliation involved as you seem to think, the situation is perfectly justified.
– Says that I am on your side, but you need to endure it.Trying to avoid it is like showing your protest which is quite uncalled for.
– Says, You will ruin relationships if you try to dodge it. Finally you are the loser; if you go through this though you feel it isn’t right, you will benefit out of it.

– Says, I have already spoken to the concerned person to make things easier for you so that you don’t have to go through this agony.

I rest my case.