It’s been exactly a month and a week.

On Apr 30th, I was afraid that I would greet June with boredom, depression and a set of other negative emotions.

However, May had been a busy month. It seemed, I saw my house for the first time in years – all the curtains and the sheets and the settee covers that needed washing, the floors that needed scrubbing, the furniture that needed dusting, the walls and ceiling that needed de-webbing, all despite my handing money to the maid every month.
I attended to every detail. There was no hurry. I made a list of tasks to do and ticked them off one by one.
Then the visitors and the school vacations took away the rest of my time.
All these kept me busy throughout the month.

Now June has arrived. And I gear myself to implement my plans.
I have a long way to travel.
The path is unknown.
And I travel alone.
I need courage, health, support, and a great deal of patience.

All that happens, happens for the best.
I hope.