Ambling across the cyberspace, I came across some blogs and tweets from a few well-known and respected people – CEO of an organization, a Minister in the Indian Govt., and so forth. My first reaction was, wow, I get to read what they think. They even reply to comments from their readers.

A little while later, something else appeared in the horizon of my thoughts.

Sometimes it is better that the people we admire and respect and know from a distance, remain at that distance. If they approach even with a friendly smile, we lose something special that we felt for them. It sounds stupid, but it is a fact! Maybe the enigma surrounding the person, and the polite distance they keep are what we like about them. The moment they make themselves clear through casual talk, and divulge what till then was private territory, our interest fades, or maybe we are unable to digest that they too are humans, they feel and do the same way that we do! Something snaps the moment we realise that they enjoy the same movies we do, watch cricket, get frustrated at frequent power failures and get mad when the Internet connection is down. The mask that we are used to from miles away had kept their emotions hidden, and awed us into believing that they are not ordinary mortals like us. Blogs and tweets make them suddenly open to us, showing how … vulnerable?… and prone to emotions they too are.

Having said that, I admit that I get annoyed if I sent a mail/message/comment to any of them and do not get a reply.

A confused banter, is it not?