I am told by innumerable advertisements and articles in the newspaper that today is “Fathers Day”.

I borrow the following text from today’s Bangalore Times.

Dharmendra started by confessing with the honesty that only a strong and simple man can possess that he didn’t know what Father’s Day was. “As a boy, I feared my father who was a disciplinarian, and was naturally close to my mother. The day my father showed me a little affection, it was Father’s Day for me,” he said simply.

And what was the most important thing Dharmendra had learned as a father? He paused, tears in his eyes now, the pain of a strong man unashamed to show his emotions, then said, “I learned not from my own sons, but from Fardeen Khan recently that you should tell your father you love him before it is too late. I didn’t do that. Now my father is no more. And I know from Sunny and Bobby, what he wanted of me….”

Happy Fathers’ Day!