I believe in Destiny.
I guess I always did, but I was never really conscious of it nor did I realise it.
So what does it mean? It means that whatever you do or think or say has already been decided (‘written’), and you are only fulfilling your Destiny with your actions. In other words, regrets or guilt do not have a place in your life, since you are only succumbing to a higher command. What it amounts to is that sometimes, there are bushes you are expected to cut across at the expense of bruising your arms, and there are also times when, after crossing a number of bushes and oceans we find ourselves at the same place where we started, because someone chose to put us in our place.

Many a time when I am bewildered by the complexity of the cross-roads I have reached, when I am at a loss to decide which of the pointers to follow and each decision I venture to take tightens its grip on me, I slowly let go, close my eyes and walk, taking each straw as it comes, making one decision at a time, choosing one path at a time. If such a thing as Destiny exists, then whatever I do, whomever I thwart, or whomever I keep close, I would be doing what I am expected to do, and I would reach the position in Life I was meant to reach. If nothing else, this relaxes me and brings peace to my mind.

If I am confusing you, it is just that I am confused myself, and I believe clarity comes at the end of the big, bad tunnel of confusion.

A similar thought (and against it) has been expressed by Dr.Shashi Tharoor, whose book Show Business I recently read.

‘From dharma comes success, from dharma comes happiness, everything emerges from dharma, dharma is the essence of the world.’

Is that all? I asked him. Is that the message? And he said, tell him that dharma is what life is all about, the upholding of the natural order. Tell him that whatever he did was in fulfilment of his dharma. Tell him to have no regrets.

I’m passing it on, Ashokbhai, but for what it’s worth, I think it’s too easy. One has to have regrets. I have regrets. A life without regrets is a life lived without introspection, without inquiry. That’s not a life worth living.