Here are some of the snaps from our trip to Kerala last week. Do read the captions below each. (Most of the road snaps were taken from the car, and hence lack clarity.)

Oberon Mall at EKM

Had to capture this hoarding on the roadside. But could not manage to avoid the electric lines!

The writing on the auto (pic taken from the car) says, “Roadside Friend”

Ernakulam – Kottayam Road

As we passed a bridge…

Couldn’t resist this – looked very colourful!

Ernakulam – Kottayam Road

View from another bridge

We managed to meet King Mahabali and an elephant on the way. Munnu was excited ! The elephant isn’t real, by the way – though the King is. Both were advertising “Archana Textiles.”

More snaps in the next post…