I have been attending wee too many contests across the cyberland that I am tempted to do one myself. In fact I have been thinking about this for a while now. So this is a Book Giveaway Contest, and the winner gets a copy of my book, the collection of Bangalore-based short stories Tales from the Garden City. (Click on the link to read more about the book.)

The contest is pretty simple. Just answer one question. Leave a comment here with your answer. I will choose one of the best answers from your comments – either the one I liked best or (if there are too many to choose from) I will select one by drawing lots.

So here is the Question:
Assume that a Very Reliable Someone has predicted your death in September 2010 – a year from now. What are the 5 (or more, or less!) things you would want to do if you are given only ONE MORE year to live?

So, go ahead, think about it, post as many comments as you wish – make a wishlist of the things you would do if you are warned that your life would expire a year from now – in Sep 2010.

The last date for sending in your comments is Oct 18, 2009.

Do spread the word!