I had come across the Six Sentences blog during my meanderings through the Cyberland. I liked the idea and wanted to try writing something in six sentences. Here is the outcome.

Thank God for post-it notes. Had it not been for them, I would never have managed to convey my modest requirements to the world at large. Ever since I became a work-at-home Mother, my interaction with mortals has reduced considerably, so much so that on an average day, when there are no pleasantries to be exchanged with the milkman, newspaperwallah, ironwallah (pronounced “eye-rrrrun-waala” out here) or my neighbours, my utterances are limited to answering my son’s occasional queries. When my husband is around, our actions and words are mainly focussed around or determined by our son, and hence the administrative and management discussions of our home are pushed farther to the rear seat. As a result, the reminders to ‘Pay electricity bill’, ‘Grocery purchase’, and queries as to ‘Did you call up so-and-so today?’ find themselves pasted on our walls, with the queries posted by one and the replies against each by the other. If this goes on, I wonder whether I would lose my speech-skills which I once had aplenty, and if such is the case in my home where one of us does not go out to work, what would it be where both the husband and the wife are office-goers?