When I first registered at blogger.com in 2007, my intention was to post my short stories so that some of my close friends/family can read them. So the blog I used to have at that time was not made ‘public’, and was seen by about half a dozen people only. Ever since I chose some of the stories from the blog and published a book, it has been suffering from gross neglect, with weeds and creepers crawling all over it.

When I started this blog, I was not sure whether I wanted people to read it. I just wrote to release the clutter in my mind. My sole visitor was my friend anupsar. However, I did make the blog available to the ‘public’, and kept an eye on the visitor statistics. When the first visitor strayed into my domain, I was overjoyed! From that time, I used to daily check the statistics, and was happy when the count increased daily, slowly, steadily.

Every day I climb more steps. My expectations increase. Now I don’t look at the visitor statistics (much). I look at the (number of) comments.
No comments? No visitors.

I like comments. Not the spammy or abusive kind, of course, but the ones that you leave if you like what you read, if you dis/agree with me. And I like lots of them. Comments inspire me to write.

So you are thinking, what if I have nothing to comment on? I have no answer. I visit blogs too, and sometimes find that I have nothing to say – for several reasons. But if you do have something to say here, please do make sure you say it.

For example. I just changed the font of the blog. From Georgia to Arial. You could tell me if you like it. Does it look good? Comments are welcome. As always.

And if you are a newcomer? It is mandatory to leave comments. I have this new monitor thing in my site that knows who/where you are and sue you for not posting a comment. And so on and so forth. (I know, I know. As if you believed it.)

So what are you waiting for?