This is an old incident, when my son was a year+ old and at his scampering and restless best. He and I were to fly out of Bangalore for the vacation in J- Airways. As expected during holiday season, the crowd in the old airport (HAL) was spilling over to the lounge outside. After our bags were checked in, we had to stand in a queue (for the security check) for an hour – my little restless man and I. After about 45 minutes of it – during which I was repeating umpteen times to him ‘not to run away, you will get lost’ – a KingFisher Airlines representative came to me and asked which flight I was on. I showed her my ticket. She suggested I ask someone from my Airlines to help me through the security check, since I was with a small child. I looked around, found none of them in the area, and I thanked her, saying that the end was in sight, it’s okay.
Curious that my own airline didn’t give a damn about me, someone else did, and came to tell me so.

Kingfisher scored a lot of points that day.