Who would have thought that a Calendar, even an exceptional one as Margaret Shulock‘s, would be part of an adventure? The Adventurous Journey of a Calendar from Friendship, New York, to Bangalore. And the Part-2, the payment process, is yet to begin! Margaret tells me, I am the first person from India to purchase her calendar in the 15 years she has been creating it!
Hey, you folks don’t know what you are missing! If you like the above pictures of Margaret’s calendar and would like to get one, participate in her Caption contest, and the winner gets to choose between her calendar and her greeting cards. If you wish to purchase, do leave a comment here or at Margaret’s blog.
In case you don’t know, Margaret Shulock is one of the six very talented women who draw the Six Chix cartoon strips. Which appears only in one Mumbai-based newspaper in India (I forget which! Can anyone enlighten me?)
You can see the cartoon strips from the widget at the Six Chix site (on the right frame).