My little baby turns four today. Amazing – where have the years gone?

Wasn’t it yesterday that I was walking around like the proud Mother-to-be, showing off my tummy?
Wasn’t it just hours ago that he arrived, three weeks ahead of due date (on his Grandfather’s birthday), giving me less than an hour of labour pain, and I was so relieved to see him healthy, that I couldn’t stop myself from giving him a hundred kisses?

And then I would speak to him a million sweet nothings that made sense to no one else but him and me?

And then suddenly one morning he started smiling, and another day he turned over on his tummy, sat up, started talking, walking, questioning, and became the amazing explorer he is now!


He has learnt to do everything himself – putting on his shirt and pants, buttoning his shirt, taking bath, eating, even helping me make chapathis – he keeps up at it till he masters it, even after I have long given up trying to teach.

How little it takes to make him happy – a chocolate, an evening walk, a bed-time story, a favourite program in TV!

When he learns his numbers, how sweet he sounds when he says “twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten!”

On his fourth birthday, I would wish for him what I pray every day – for a life of keeping himself and others happy, following and attaining his dreams, strength and courage to overcome the inevitable lows of life!

Happy Birthday, dear Munnu!

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