Uncertainties are a totally unbalanced lot.
One would expect them to stand on their own, independently, wait in a queue and get themselves resolved one at a time, like reasonable individuals, but they surprise us by leaning on each other and banking on each others’ strength to wear us down.

One whiff of the right decision and all of them are scattered with the wind. Perhaps never to return.
A hint of the wrong choice, and they come crumbling down on top of one another. Making one regret the choice for life.

And if one chooses to procrastinate the decision-making? They add and multiply themselves till a decision – right or wrong – is forced into one’s hand.

One tends to face more uncertainties when working solo. However, one thing needs to be said about working alone. If you fail, if you succeed, no one knows. It’s your choice to tell them of it (or not!) at the right time!

On a bad day, though we all know it well, we still need someone to remind us that “a Fresh Sunrise follows even the darkest Sunset”.