In 1982, a little girl was seen marching around, holding aloft a leaf tied to a stick like a flag, and yelling, “Paolo Rossi Zindabad! Paolo Rossi Zindabad!” Not knowing much about football, even less about Paolo Rossi, she must have caught the fever that gripped her parents. The fever was called World Cup.

In 1986, when Mexico rose to the occasion, the little girl, her sister and her parents watched it live for the first time, in TV. It was an experience that changed her forever.

Italia-’90. As a teenager, she lost her heart to the blue jerseys of Italy. They were not the best team, but they had the advantage that no other team had – they were at home. Nevertheless, their luck did not hold past the Quarter Finals. They lost to Argentina in the Semi Final. The World Cup that year was lifted by a team that played consistently throughout the tournament – West Germany.

For those who remember Italia-’90, here is the Official song, English version, “To Be Number One” and the TV Opening of World Cup Italy ’90.