Sunday. Early morning. Fresh. Tea.

Newspapers – the pages that never contain depressing news.
Scent of breakfast – and yes, someone else working in the kitchen!

Delicious, breaking of the fast.
Kids playing outside.

Checking for mails, reading blogs and following other sites of interest.

Being Lazy. Idle.
A warm bath. Long. Relaxing. With no child yelling at the door.

Aroma of lunch – cooked by someone else.
A sumptuous meal.

Story-telling time for the child, before his nap.
An interesting read and an afternoon nap. As long as I like.
Tea delivered to my hands when I wake up.
Watching the sky settle down for the night. Cool Breeze.

A drive in the evening. A movie. Family time.
Dinner. Ha, yes, without my stepping into the kitchen. Can even be a takeaway.

Writing. Reading. More me time.
Snuggle under the blankets. Narrate another story for the four-year-old. Watch him fall asleep.

Other precious little things that complete the list.