“Hello Sir. Good morning Sir.”

“Ah. Good Morning.”
“Good morning Sir Good morning. You called me? The line got disconnected Sir. I was just about to answer your call and it beeped and got disconnected.”

“Yes, I called to ask a favour-“
“Of course Sir anything please tell me Sir.”

“Next weekend I need to travel to Kerala; Cochin to be exact. Can you arrange a ticket for me?”
“Air ticket Sir?”

“No, train will do. First or second class, A/C.”
“Yes of course Sir. First or second class is better. Third class is quite inconvenient, suffocating and stuffy, really, heh heh.”

“Is there any travel agent you might know…?”
“Oh yes Sir, there is someone I know yes there is. In fact we contact him for all our official travels, you know, from office. Very good fellow. Actually, heh heh, I call him up for my personal travels too, ha ha..”

“Good. But do you think tickets will be available, this being holiday season…”
“Well of course Sir it may be difficult but I am sure he will be able to pull a few strings here and there, Sir, it will be no problem at all, I think.”

“Indeed. Could you please check with him-“
“Oh yes Sir of course Sir, I will check with him first thing today Sir, and I will call you back, Sir.”

“Thank you.”
“Oh no trouble at all Sir. It’s a privilege, really. Absolutely no problem Sir.”

“Yeah.. okay. Bye.”
“Bye Sir. Bye Sir.”

“Why in the world does he call me up whenever he needs to travel? Am I his travel agent, huh?”