Mr.B from the floor above came on Wednesday evening to hand me the key to his house. The woman who cleans the house will come tomorrow morning at half past nine, he said. He was leaving for his hometown, and wanted the house cleaned before he was back. This was the first time he was leaving the key with me. He would tell her to collect it from me.

The next morning at a quarter to nine, as I was getting the five-year-old ready for school, all of a sudden I remembered that Mr.B’s housemaid will be coming for the key. I looked at the clock and figured that I have ample time to see the child off to school and return, before she comes.

The thought had barely crossed my mind when the son asked, “When is Mr.B’s maid coming?”
Surprised that he thought of it just as I did, I replied: “After you go to school.”

“Then I can’t see her!”
“It’s okay, you can see her another day.”

The sentence was just out of my mouth when there was a knock at the door (the darn door bell isn’t fixed yet!). It was she, forty-five minutes before time.

Her arrival, my thoughts and my son’s question, all occurring together – a strange coincidence?
I prefer to think there was a thought sync.

She must have been entering the apartment gates, at a quarter to nine, thinking of Mr.B’s advice to take the key from me, and recollecting my house number…
… when the thought suddenly hit me that she will be coming, and I began wondering if I will be back before she comes…
… when my son wondered out of the blue whether he can see her…

Do these kinds of coincidences happen to everyone?