… it is, (among other things)…

… not about being together all the time, but getting out of each other’s way.

… not about having the same tastes, but being thankful that they’re different.

… not about talking, but knowing that it’s better to be silent than start an argument.

… not about trust, but sticking together despite countless reasons to mistrust.

… not about listening, but about saying every day, “Deaf woman, for the third time, switch on the fan!”  –“Mister, for the last time, look for your pants yourself.”

… not about believing the partner is simply superb, but about wondering every evening, ‘how come this morning I found him/her wonderful?’

… not about doing everything every day, but declaring ‘I made breakfast today, it’s now your turn to make dinner.’

… not about spending holidays together, but about being with own friends, in the pretext of giving each other ‘space.’

… not about being happy with each other, but being happy in spite of each other.