“Madam! Want to see a snake?”

“Have you seen a snake? Look there!”
“What snake? Ewwww…. is that real?”

“Yes Madam, I killed it, just a few minutes ago!”
“Ewwwwwww…… look at it! Good heavens! It’s creeping me out! Where did it come from?”

“Over yonder, and was crawling this way.”
“Ewwwwww….. it looks terrifying!!! What’s it doing so close to civilization?!”

“Must have come out from that plot across the road where someone set fire to the bushes last week.”
“Will there be more?”

“I don’t know, Madam.”


“Oh, by the way, did you hear of the snake?”
“What snake?”

“There was one outside the apartment. The security man killed it with his stick.”

“I was pretty frightened when I saw it.”
“Yeah… our children go out to play, I can’t imagine what would happen if they encounter one.”

“Ooohh.. the very thought is scary.”


“Baby, don’t go outside after dark.”

“The Security Uncle saw a snake at the gate today.”

“Yes, a long and huge one.”
“Is it still there?”

“No, he killed it with a stick.”

“It was huge and long and probably poisonous. You know what, it had the colour of the wall and the sand. You could easily miss if you’re not careful. Promise me you’ll be careful when you’re playing outside.”
“How did Security Uncle kill it?”

“With his stick.”
“If I see a snake, I will …”

“Just. Be. Careful.”


“There was a snake outside the gate.”
“What kind of snake?”

“The Security said some name. He said it was poisonous.”

“He killed it with a stick.”
“Whatever for?”

“It was crawling close to the wall.”

“So? So means what?”
“It must have been looking for food. Snakes don’t harm people. Why does everyone have to kill snakes the moment they see one?”

“It was very close to those houses. What if it went into one of them in its search for food? What if one of the children accidentally stepped on it?”
“Snakes don’t harm anyone unless someone harms them first.”

“I like to think Prevention is better than Cure.”