I am afraid I would some day lose all these precious pieces of paper. So I decided to scan them and store them in a place where they would remain moisture-free and moth-uneaten for years – my blog. If ever blogspot.com goes out of fashion, there may still be servers I could move these to.

I don’t think I have seen a better or healthier looking Earth. I really must thank his Art teacher at school – because till last year he did not show too much inclination towards drawing or painting. Apparently the teacher is introducing them to a lot of things in this World and teaching them to observe. The brown scribble on the right, next to the tree, is a lion. To see a close up of one of those fierce lions that roam the neighbourhood, please see the last picture in this blogpost. 

If any of those bad guys (who cut trees) sees the above picture (“save the tris”), I am sure they would not cut any more trees in their life. That’s a happy butterfly next to the tree.

Lion – close up, in his drawing board.

Artist: My five-and-a-half year old son
(Pic-1 drawn with suggestions from his Dad. Others are completely his own creation.)