I know I am. Not always. Maybe.

I pretend to treat everyone as equal, but expect them to keep their place.

I say ‘This is awesome’ when I actually mean, ‘This looks quite ordinary, but it will be unkind of me to say so.’

I say ‘You’ve done a good job’ when what I actually want to say is, ‘It could have been better but it is not for me to point out your flaws.’

I say ‘You’ve done the right thing’ when I think ‘I wish you had done something else.’

When my son asks me, ‘Why didn’t you let them do that?’ I am such a coward to admit, ‘They annoy me and I don’t want them to do that.’

I say ‘It looked excellent’ when I mean ‘I am sorry I did not get time to look at it.’

I say ‘Everything’s great,’ because I don’t want to tell them how awful it actually is.

This doesn’t mean that whenever I say something is good, I don’t mean it. There are times when I say ‘it is awesome’ and I mean ‘it is awesome.’ It’s all very complicated.

When I see kids declare on their profiles, “I hate hypocrites” I want to laugh. And I want to tell them, “You don’t know who a hypocrite is. We all are. If you hate hypocrites, there won’t be anyone left to love.”

But I don’t because they will find it out. Sooner or later.