Change is inevitable.
Change is unavoidable.
Change is mandatory.
Then why are we afraid of seeing people change??
Most of us, at some point in life, have faced accusing fingers pointed at our nose, closely followed by the words:
“You have changed!”
“I never believed anyone could change as much as you have.”
“How could you change so quickly?”
“One should not change so much!”
Sometimes we Change because we find ourselves unable to adapt to the changing present. Sometimes we Change without our knowing. Sometimes we Change, or pretend to, to get out of situations. 
Sometimes we wonder why we Changed. Whether it was right to. If it was good to move on. Sometimes we regret that we did. 
But very often we tell ourselves that we were right. That if we had not Changed, we would have been miserable for ever. 
We tell ourselves,

Badi mushkil se aaya hai yeh attitude. Nahin hoga, Sir. Aap apni naukri rakh lijiye, main apna attitude rakh leta hoon. I’m sorry, don’t mind, Sir.*

*Sharman Joshi to his interviewers in 3 idiots (1:25): “I have found this attitude with much difficulty. I cannot change it, Sir. Please keep your job, I will keep my attitude. I am sorry, don’t mind, Sir.”