Raindrops on the roof,
A clink of the gate;
Cries of a little bird 
Every morning at eight…
The tweets of a Sparrow,
The squeaks of a Squirrel;
The rustle of leaves
In the early morning breeze…
The rain-lashed ground,
Ripe fruits in the trees;
The caws of the Crow,
The buzz of the bees…
Flowers of all colour,
Medicinal plants;
The swaying green cover
Of Coconut trees…
A cough of a rickshaw,

Women selling fish;
Squeals of the kids
Splashing mud in the streets…

The growl of the scooter 

Coming up the drive;
Friends across walls
Catching up on life…
The place of my childhood,
The home of my dreams;
I miss the place!
Oh, how I miss the place…