Some people are so like you that it is darn infuriating.

Margaret Mitchell may have famously said that people who are alike should hang out together, because they alone can understand each other. The Understanding part aside, hanging out with folks who think (and act and have desires) just like you is… challenging, to say the least.

At the start, the likeness – the passion for the same things – is very attractive, very enticing. “Oh, you’re just like me!” and “That was just what I was going to say / do” set your blood on fire. Contrary to the popular Like-Poles-Repel theory, like does attract like, almost with an explosion. Add a same-star-sign coincidence to the mix, and you are positively done for.

As time passes though, things tend to change. Imagine both of you always reaching out for and wanting to do the same things; one of you will have to retract your hand and let the other take it. That metaphorical hand-outstretching can stand for any real life scenario.

Eventually, the likeness begins to turn the relationship sour.
The giving in – losing? – becomes exhausting. To be fair, both feel that they are giving in all the time.
Seeing the other’s passion for the same things as you makes you want to puke.

That’s perhaps when the Unlike-Poles-Attract theory actually kicks in.