They said I could not do it.
They said that I was weak.
I gave up out of despair,
Lost belief in my self.

But One was on my side,
He took my tools away.
Left on hands and feet,
I worked with nails and teeth.

I kept my dreams low,
So that they were in reach.
I made my plans in small steps
So that I could cross each.

And then I went to overhaul
My house that was in shreds
I pulled things out, I pushed’em in,
I gave the place a shake.

The day, when at last ended,
I looked back at my trail
I saw my life, spic and span,
The path of Achievement.

If I set my heart to a task,
Whatever they may say –
I could take a sip of success,
That’s certain, I knew that day.