It’s been a long period of selfishness.

People are not selfish all the time, even the most selfish ones. Just as people are not selfless all the time. It shows up only when there is a choice, a decision to be made. If I make food for myself and eat, it is not selfishness. It is routine, natural, normal. But when I know you are feverish and starving and has no one to boil you a glass of water, then if I ignore you and munch the last piece of bread without offering you, it could be. Possibly. I don’t know. When there is a choice between You and I, what do you choose? Most of us sway between the two, sometimes choosing the You and sometimes the I – based on priorities, perspectives, experience, position, appearance, emotions, thoughts, fear. Sometimes sacrificing, sometimes neglecting, sometimes offering help, sometimes forgetful of others’ needs. Selfishness, that’s relative too.

It wasn’t that bad, the phase of intentional selfishness. A trifle guilty here, a little embarrassed there, but nonetheless relaxing, a long spell.
I am sorry.
I can’t.
I won’t.
I’m not in the mood to.
After my siesta, probably.
Why don’t you carry on.
No, I didn’t get the hint.
Did you just say something?
Who cares?!

No, it wasn’t bad at all.