Is it possible to even imagine a life without a passion ?

To rise every morning without having lost your heart to a dream ?

To think no further than tomorrow, to live no further than today ?

Is it possible to not wrestle with a theme, an idea, a thought, a masterpiece until it is out of your head and into the canvas of creativity ?

Is it possible to not experience frustration from failing multiple times and trying again until you get it right, even after you get it right ?

Is it possible to not have dreams at all that keep you awake, and you are afraid to sleep lest you keep them from taking shape ?

Is it possible to be content with the monotony of daily life ?

To lead such a simple life as to hope for nothing more than good food to eat, good movies to watch and a good happy day spent with loved ones ?

To not be continuously in battle with the pain of creativity that every minute struggles to find a release ?

Is it possible to not be creative or find excitement (and misery) in creativity, in performance, in discovery, in persistence ?

Is it possible to live without experiencing the torment and pain and hope and distress and relief and hard-work and longing and loneliness and optimism and pessimism – and happiness – every day?

Is it possible that people exist who wake up every morning without experiencing the thrill of their life and the infinite possibilities it holds ?

Is it possible that people exist who do not know what it is like to forget about food and sleep, and to not take your eyes off your work even when very important others are calling out to you ?

Is it possible that there are people who have not experienced the thrill of a new thought, then the distress of having forgotten it, and then the unbearable, head-banging-on-the-wall frustration of trying to recall it ?

Is it possible they have not ever experienced the temporary satisfaction of completion, of bringing an idea to life, until the next one comes to haunt ?

Is it possible to get through each dull day without looking forward to anything, without finding passion in family or career or anything at all?

Is it possible at all that human beings do exist who do not have passion for anything in life ?

Is it possible that such people can even continue living ?