The little one turned the basket upside down and began showing off the toys and dolls that fell all around her.
“Now who will clean this up?”
“My mother will.”
“Won’t you help her?”
“My friend K- always helps my mother to clean up.”
“K- sounds like a good child.”
The little girl frowned a bit as she pondered over that piece of news, for a second. Then she said, “I help my mother clean up too. Sometimes.”
“You are a good child.”
A small smile of pride and satisfaction spread across her face.

Everyone loves to be credited for something they did, even though it appears insignificant to others.

If others do not note it, some would be tempted to drop a subtle hint or two. Sometimes not so subtle, sometimes not too casual.
“Oh, I just patted the baby like this and she stopped crying and quietly went back to sleep.”
“I initiated it, you know, I went around asking everyone to do it. No one had ever thought of it before.”
“It wasn’t all me, the team did support. A bit.”
“She never used to do it until I told her to.”
“I just tried it and was very surprised at the wonderful result.”
“Everyone was over the moon about what I did.”

Even the ones who say the credit goes to the rest of the world could do with a word of appreciation. And none of us would lose anything by offering it.