What can a hapless woman do
To calm her restless will-
Hopping from this to that:
Calm Down O Heart, Be Still.

Dragging her along, as you
Stray from thought to thought;
Unsure of what to settle on,
Unsure of what you’ve sought.

Haunted by a vision that’s
Withered, dead and gone.
Time has covered its tracks
Or you have, on your own.

A dream unreal, but longing!
An ache no one can soothe,
It exists not, but yearning!
Like an old hag seeking youth.

Hovering over a graveyard
Where flowers no longer bloom.
A wasted life, it’s sad,
You’ll lead yourself to doom.

Let go, let go your passion
And look no more behind…
Have you no ear for reason?
Behold, the world’s not kind.

You’ve endured humiliation;
No more: Not once, not twice.
Be free from this obsession!
Calm Down O Heart, Be Wise.

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