There’s this place, deserted and unexplored. New. Fresh.

People come and set their eyes on it. They see its potential. They see its future. They dream big dreams. They come together in ones and twos, strangers with the same purpose, the same aim, slowly, over a great span of time. They call themselves by a name.

Many stay, planning to never leave. Some pass by, on their way to other destinations. The ones who stay slowly master the art of shaping the raw materials at their disposal into items of great beauty. They patent it, they develop their skill and they sell it.

They become a society, a community. They do not step on each other’s toes and they step aside for others to pass. They are courteous and friendly and undemanding and kind to each other.

Time passes, as it has no option but to pass. Strangers become acquaintances, and acquaintances become friends. Familiarity begins to breed and other emotions to sprout.

A handful have identified themselves as the oldest dwellers of the community. The seniors, the decision-makers. They gather and have lengthy discussions. There is excitement and expectation in the air. We need law and order, they say in unison. Otherwise there will soon be chaos. Besides, we need to be respected. Because we are who we are. The newcomers are merely newcomers, of course. They do not need to have a say in things. They need to live by the rules of the ones who have been here since time started running. It is easier if we have clear guidelines. Rules.

They release a notice. The list of things to do. And not to do. Never to do. Do and be fined. Do and be dead.

Some disagree but remain silent. Some who are newcomers disagree, but they are not heard. The rules bring up walls around the community. Worse, the walls are built within too, separating them, categorising them, classifying them. All for our own good, the seniors say. All for our own good.

The law and order notices are put up everywhere, for everyone to see, so that no one forgets who the bosses are.

No one hears or pays attention to a low crack a short distance away, because everyone is speaking aloud. No one can hear anyone else, so how can anyone hear the gentle, warning sound? – The crumbling of the foundations of their community, the destruction of the source of their beliefs and goodness, the end of the roots of their existence.

It slowly spreads, gently, silently, determinedly, upwards and sidewards, ready to burst in on them, the people who made the law and order.

Then it breaks through one day and explodes right into their faces, shattering them, splitting them.
The end.