“Money,” this dude tells me, “is the root of all misery. We walk around carrying a wad of grief in our pocket.”
I liked the way he put it, though I did not like the way he put it.
“Then use credit card,” I said.
“That’s one hell of a card to sorrow,” he insisted.
“Then why is it so popular?”
“Because barter system is outdated and no one has come up with a better system yet.”

“It’s a matter of perspective.” I wasn’t ready to give up, not just yet.
“No, it isn’t. We want money, then more money, and so much more money.”
“If we work hard for it, then we deserve the money we get,” I said. I wasn’t quite sure where this was headed. I could lose myself in arguments if I so wished.
“But people are tempted to break the law or break someone’s neck for it.”
“That’s true. There is a good and bad side to everything.”
“Tell me about its good side,” he said. “We all know the bad.”
I suspect he was a little drunk or something.

“For instance,” I said, “folks pay money for something they would not normally do otherwise, which is actually good for them.”
“Yeah? Tell me more.”
“I know a person who has paid a certain amount for gym classes and forces herself to go, just because her money is at stake. I can think of at least two others who do it just because they have spent money on it. They’re taking care of their health because they have the money to, because they owe something to the money they spent. Then I know a rich loner who spends money on expensive materials because seeing the new purchases brings a certain peace of mind or even happiness. Another person donates to charity. Unhappiness comes anyway. If you have money, you can be happy at least temporarily.”

He chuckled. “So you are saying Money is the root of all happiness?”
“I am saying, money could be both. Just like anything else. It could do good and bad, it depends on whose hands it is on – or not on.”

“Money has brought me misery,” he said, “and now I use money to drown my miseries in my drink.”
I was right. He was indeed drunk. “So now you agree money can make unhappiness go away for a while.”

I was wasting my argument on a man who would not even remember this discussion tomorrow. Why should I waste my time and my happiness on worthless debates?

I could go home and relax, and watch the DVDs my money has bought me, read books my money has bought me, recline in the couch that my money has bought me, and find satisfaction for the day.

Take each day as it comes, as some other clever dude has said.