The orange beacon has begun to blink.
Slow, steadfast, determined. Silent.
Caution, it says. 

Don’t rush, it says. Don’t hurry.
Don’t pause. Don’t worry.
Just be careful.

There’s a junction ahead.
And it’s dark out there.
Take a deep breath. But don’t close your eyes.

You know what it means.
You’ve been there before. 
You know the place.

But look again, something is not what it was.
Wait – it is you. 
You’ve changed.

You’re approaching a crossroads.
Better be prudent. 
Better be safe.

You don’t want to make the same mistakes you did last time.
But some errors can’t be avoided. 
Some bruises have to be borne.

Caution, it says. Be alert.
This is not the place to relax.
This is not where you let go.

Cross it first. 
It shall pass. It has to.
Then you have all the time in the world to unwind.