It’s official. There is such a thing as Destiny. (Anyone who dares to oppose, please leave the room.)

By Destiny I don’t mean “it’s all written beforehand”. What I mean is that “it’s in our hands”, “our today defines our tomorrow”, that sort of thing. Do they call it Destiny these days? Or does it go by some other name?

A long time ago, very long time ago, nobody knows how long ago, I had written on this blog about finding our own path. I am sure my uncertainties, my fears, the knocking of my knees had shone through quite well between the lines. I am glad I had captured that memory there. I remember it so well now.

And from there to here, it has not been a straight road, it was not a highway, it was not even bump-free. Every day’s decision had taken me to the next step in getting here. Where does the thread of events originate?

Some things you do always come back to you – what you do is what you get. The bad things, they’ll come back too, I am sure. That’s why wise men say, good things can neither be created nor destroyed. They only change form, from this good thing to that.

As Maria (of The Sound of Music) says, Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could.. So somewhere in my wicked, miserable youth I must have done something good

That’s all. You can all leave now to forge your Destiny (in Lalettan’s words, “Go to your classes!”). Do one good thing, for the road.