When my son was four months old,
He discovered his toes.
He found these little things
Bouncing before his eyes.
He gazed at them intensely
And frowned in concentration.
He then told his tiny fingers
(Which he’d recently discovered)
To go and grab them hard
For they did look very tasty.
His little fingers obeyed
And brought his toe to him.
Which he, without delay,
Pushed into his mouth.
He liked the way they fit,
The toe and his mouth,
As though the two of them
Were made for each other.
He scowled at the taste-
“Well, that is surprising.
It’s like nothing I’ve eaten-
It’s like eating myself!”
He chewed, deep in thought
Like a connoisseur of food.
I tried to pull the toe out
Of his toothless mouth,
But once he had discovered it,
There was no turning back.
He bounced back like a spring,
Went back to his business.
He’ll grow out of it soon, said
A wise old woman, who has 
No doubt raised a few many
Toe-eaters herself.
He’s not gonna chew his toes 
Forever. He’ll grow out of it.
Soon enough, he began to put
The toes to other use 
When he started crawling 
And discovering the world.
He grew out of it, like she said,
Like he grew out of other things.