A wise man once said to me: “Never stop complaining, for complaining means you care enough to want a change. As long as you care, you will be able to make a difference. Either you can change things yourself, or you’ll be able to influence others to invoke a change. A person who doesn’t complain is not necessarily happy with everything. Nor does being quiet mean everything is perfect – because nothing ever is. If you don’t complain, it only means you no longer give a damn. And that’s bad – no, terrible – for you, as well as for your organisation, your team, your family. So keep complaining!”

That was not the first time I had gone to him with my youthful enthusiasm, with a bag of complaints, suggestions, recommendations. I used to have so many of them! I would begin by apologising to him for always whining about some thing or other.

I knew what he said was true when one day, tired of complaining and getting no result, I gave up trying, and lost my interest altogether. I no longer dreamt of changing things, I no longer complained, I no longer cared.

Now everywhere I see defiant faces – stony and uncomplaining. Their responses are limited to a rigid “Yes/No”. They don’t blurt their frustration out. They don’t say “I need help.” They’re quiet, undemanding, stressed and suffocating inside. An implosion waiting to happen.

He was so right. This is the world that feeds the crying baby, not knowing that it is the silent, starving one that needs to be supported the most…