I don’t know if this is important, or what the answers would mean. But I have often wondered.

If you are watching a great movie, who do you call/text to say ‘you need to turn the channel on right NOW‘ – because you know they will enjoy it as much as you do?

If you are reading a great book, who do you recommend it to as soon as you finish reading or even while you are reading?

If you heard some astonishing news, who do you rush to inform?

If you heard that someone famous died, who do you call up to ask, ‘Did you hear??‘?

If you heard that someone close to you died or is ill, who do you call up to share the shock and grief?

If you have just been delivered some devastating news, who do you talk to, just to talk?

If you are ordering pizza for the night, who do you text ‘Pizza for dinner!’ for no reason at all?

Who gets to hear your good news first?

I know my answers. Do you?

Wait. Did you just say ‘Facebook’ or ‘Twitter’ to most of the above?

Worse, did you say ‘No one‘?