You really don’t want to know what’s on my mind this morning, Facebook. Trust me, you can’t handle it. You’re like a kid who runs off to tell the world everything, because you are a ‘global citizen’. You consider it your duty to broadcast what you heard to the planet, and to aliens if any be listening. You want to impress everyone. You, with your wide eyes and pretentious heart, want the world to think that you are honest and sincere and trustworthy.

What’s on my mind are dark and brooding and nasty thoughts; and you know very well that thoughts mean action. If I put my thoughts into action, you know what will happen? Annihilation. Go, Google that word. You being the loudmouth that you are, you would want to go to the cops or FBI or whoever you think can handle it, so that you can sit back and call yourself ‘law-abiding.’

No, I’m afraid you can’t handle the truth!

So, I am sorry, you are not going to hear a word of what is now clogging my mind, threatening to explode my head.

Be content with the sunny beaches and vacations and children’s award photos and happy families, and you’ll be fine. Stop nagging me about what’s on my mind, cos I’m never gonna tell you. No one in his right mind is going to ever tell you what is actually on his mind.