I am perpetually amazed at how Hope works. It appears in the form of the tiniest spark – say, a one percent chance of something happening – which you try to extinguish with every possible tool you can find, but it persists, determined to catch your eye, and gently it begins to light up the darkest space in your mind until that burning ember is all you can see. A person who has been stewing in frustration and misery and depression for a long time; a person who has forgotten how it is like to be on the upside; a person who thought nothing good is ever going to happen to him again; begins to feel the glow. The almost invisible spot of light at the corner spreads, warming him, lighting him, until it floods his mind, until he forgets the darkness that had always been a quintessential part of him, as though his misery had never existed.

Hope sets you on fire – even when in your heart, you know it might come to nothing.

As long as you have something to look forward to, today, tomorrow, the next week, the next year, there is Hope.

And as long as there is Hope, there is tomorrow.