Life is like a page full of words – each person has a page on which is written the story of their life. There is only one problem – the sentences are not complete: there are blanks – dashes – where certain words should be.

Every day we hop through each word. Every once in a while, sometimes more often than we like, we encounter a blank – and it is up to us to fill it, based on our experience and knowledge and current mindset.

What words do we choose to fill it? The easiest one? The quickest one? The most complicated one? The bravest one? The smartest one? The cowardly one?

I – do it.

I will do itI cannot do it. I won’t do it.

It’s up to us to decide. Our choice modifies our story. More blanks appear.

Some sentences remain unchanged, regardless of the words we have chosen. They’re the fixed pillars of our life.

Thus we hop through our page, word after word, filling the blanks when we can, how we can, believing it will enhance the story of our life, that it will save us from peril, that it will improve our future. On certain days, we jump over several words; on others, even one is an effort.

Some people try to get away without making a decision by swinging over the chasm of the blank. Some leap too hard and fall between the words and perish. Some climb back up and continue their journey. And some… get tired of the seemingly endless hopping and let themselves fall between the cracks.

Some are given more words, and some don’t have enough to fill the page.

Until finally one day, we reach the last word on our page and hop out forever…