Sometimes life takes us to a pinnacle –
Just to show us the view:
How far we have come,
How far yet to go.

The treacherous climb we’ve undertaken
The barriers on our path we’ve broken

A rare glimpse before we walk on
Down and up the next hill
Of how our choices shaped our road;
How our lessons lead us on.

Thoughtless, impulsive decisions
Led to life changing situations…

Looking farther back; we’d see
The point where our life diverged;
We chose – yes, it was our own choice;
WE have shaped our future.

The lonesome, twisting trail did promise
The adventures we sought.

You break a twig, you make a way
You step on mud, You walk in rain;
You make your mark in history
Tiny, barely visible. Or gigantic.

Our choices have opened new doors
Our thoughts have led to actions

It’s our eternal discontentment 
And our never-ending yearning
That fuel our search, push us on

They drive us up the hill…