According to my early morning dream, it’s alien invasion. Not your regular, creepy, six-tentacled, three-eyed, human-sized alien. These are insect-sized. Of all shapes.

Small they may be, but they arrive in large numbers. And we have no escape. Our planet is doomed.

The story begins deep in the heart of Kerala… Actually I’ve no idea where I am. I’ve forgotten the backstory. I just remember I’m there for work. There’s a mountain range at a distance. And the place looks like a Kerala village. Somewhere I’ve been, in some forgotten past.

I know the name of the mountain. (But I’ve forgotten that too, now.) We know everything, in dreams.

As we stand there admiring it, one side of the mountain goes up in a tremendous blast. It’s too far away but we feel the tremor.

We’ve no idea what happened.

A little later, probably hours, as we stand watching, a building closer to us explodes as if a bomb was dropped on it. This time debris fall towards us… We are thrown backwards.

With an eerie instinct we have in dreams, I realise what’s going on.

I pick up my phone and call my mother.

I know she would see the news and be worried.

I tell her that this place is going up. I know it’s goodbye. I can see her in my mind, holding the phone and staring at the TV, too shocked to even react.

More time has passed… On the river close to our place, we see small boats, thousands of them with colourful sails, they just keep coming…

And I remember, again with that knowledge we get only in dreams, that I’ve heard this somewhere:

They come in boats.

The next part is sketchy. We run, we hide; we see small insect-like creatures crawling and rolling all over the ground, over everything they see. They have eyes, but pretty much nothing else, except an urge to crawl over and destroy everything in their path. Just swarming everywhere.

A few of us escape from view, acting dead… And dash to an abandoned shed.

We peek through the window, it looks okay.

We go in and close the door. We turn around…

only to see, the room is already filled with these creatures.

It’s over. There’s nowhere else to go.

Nothing else to do.

We look at each other, my friends and I, smile knowingly, and we hug. At least we have each other.

We’re ready.

I feel them creep over my feet.

I hold my friend tight.

And I wake up. Here, in this world, in my bed.

(It’s just like Inception. If we die there, we wake up here.)

I remember the feeling. I was ready. I wasn’t afraid. I knew there was nothing else to do.

It was time.