It is difficult and painful to see the fall of an Empire. More so, when one had been a part of it, albeit insignificant.

One would wish that someone more influential and capable of taking strong decisions could have pulled some strings – or ropes – to stop the demolition of the Empire. But they, due to indifference or negligence, or because their hands were bound, did nothing but save their own skins.

One would wish that sufficient steps were taken in time to avoid reducing to worthless junk the most loyal and capable citizens, by extracting the best strengths from them to keep the whole structure intact and out of destruction. But someone somewhere along the hierarchy seems to have been uninterested to salvage it and led the whole structure to wreck. Indeed the words used were the most cruel of them all. “Kill the sick babies, so that the healthy ones can survive.”

One would also wish that if the end were definite, someone could have warned the blindly trusting people of the impending iceberg and given them an inkling, a chance to survive. Perhaps, in that case, they would not have jumped out to lifeboats themselves, they would have stood back and diverted the iceberg !

And today from the outside – for I am no longer part of it – I see the ruins trying to brave the weather and to stand dignified and together, as it once did. But ruins they are, the walls that still stand are very much aware of. They wait for a chance to sneak out of way of the falling stones and save themselves.

For Loyalty is a thing of the past, it had long ago died.