I don’t understand these people.
I have given up trying, as well.
I have no clue why they seem friendliest of the friendlies one day and grumpiest the next, with no apparent provocation from me. Granted, they may have their own issues but what did I do to deserve the ill-treatment? As if I am the reason for their misery, or maybe I took their happiness away just by going to talk? The result of their sulking is that my day is ruined (how else can it be, after I go and make a happy statement to them, and get back a spitting reply) and I have no clue why!

I would wish that not many of their kind cross my path, but one cannot choose one’s fellow travellers in Life. So it happens that a few of them stray to my corner of the world, to ruin my days now and then. After the first shock (my experience with the first of them some years ago), I learnt that such people do exist, so rather than getting annoyed at the others who come along, I taught myself to say “There’s another one of them” and try to keep away as far as possible! It doesn’t work all the time, though.

Are you one of them Grumpies, or are you a victim like me?