Fever is no fun when you have to swallow a pill, pull yourself out of bed and exert your unwilling body. Fever becomes downright delightful when you have the luxury of lying back on your warm bed, cover yourself up to your chin, have a few favourite books on your bedside, hot water, coffee and warm soup at your bidding. Then Fever… is Ecstasy!

As can be guessed from the above observation, I was down yesterday, even though it was not a completely delightful bout of fever, I did manage to have a relaxing day, with King Solomon’s Mines to keep me company. A hundred years old, the book still arouses the adventurer in one.

I sincerely doubt if anyone in Bangalore survived this June without sniffing or sneezing at least for a week (in my case, three weeks). Everyone in my circle has had a course of one of these, and is either in its grips still, or has just started recovering. And this, despite the fact that Monsoon has failed this month.

That is the news from this part of the world; what’s cooking in yours?