Mohd Rafi: Today is the 29th Death anniversary of Mohammed Rafi. I found out this website dedicated to his memory. There was a time when Rafi saab’s songs flooded Vividbharathi, India’s favourite radio station. That was when, as an adolescent, I dreamed dreams to the tune of these songs. Do visit the site, pay your respects and listen to a few of his songs.

Horoscope: My horoscope for the day says, “Don’t propose any sacrifice which you may regret later.” I haven’t the foggiest what that means. I read it every day, nonetheless. I guess most of us do. Not that we believe in it, but every morning it is essential while browsing the cartoons and entertainment columns to take a peek and say to myself, oh, I see I am going to have a fabulous day and all my colleagues are going to fall at my feet. It’s another thing that the day would end with me in tears! I go back to read it again the next day. So today, as was advised, I did not propose any sacrifice that I would regret later.

Homeopathy is a difficult medical science to follow. One who decides to pursue it needs to put his body, mind and soul into it. It is easy to get lost and lose faith in the medicine because of its slowness in healing.

Monsoons this year have been playing hide-and-seek with us. They made their appearance in June, then disappeared, again unexpectedly showed their face in early July. After which we concluded that this year’s monsoons, sigh, have been very truant, well, what can be done? they are gone and we hope to get a more favourable monsoon next year, and then suddenly there they are! Laughing with glee and pouring down on us when the three-year-old wants to take a walk after his afternoon nap. The climate has been playing very naughty games with us this year. One would think the climate is a three-year-old as well.

Blogs: I read a lot of blogs during the day. Some are my regular visits, even though they may not feature in my blogroll in the right frame. Some I chance upon from other places. But as in everything else, I have felt that the first impression decides whether I stay long or not. I find myself put off by small fonts, black backgrounds, long, long paragraphs of posts with no breaks in between. Which is why my blog looks like it is designed for the weak of the eyes (large fonts).

The month is over before I realised it. It has been a busy month, I must have read the same pages of text over and over and over again, about 40 times at least – no, I do not exaggerate. Every time I see something I missed the last time, so again I propose changes, and then again, and again. I hope it is finally over today, the end of this week, the end of this month, I hope it is the end of my reading work!