As I had let slip several times this week, we are going on a short trip to God’s own country, Kerala, to celebrate Onam. The vacation is not going to be the kind where we sit back and relaaaaxxxxxx one whole week, it is going to be hectic with the three of us – AK, Munnu and I – sprinting from Nedumbassery to Thiruvananthapuram in seven days. But I am excited that we can catch the different faces of Onam in the towns we pass! Believe me, Kerala is the place to be – especially at the time when King Mahabali is around.

Though I plan to be totally out of touch with the Outside World, considering my obsession with the Internet, I suspect I will peek in now and then – perhaps towards the end of next week – to see how things are faring in the cyber world.

And I do not intend to completely neglect my blog while I am away. Taking a leaf from Sandra Bell-Lundy’s blog, I am scheduling a few posts for the next week.

Do come over, read them and leave me comments!

Happy Onam to all !