In retrospective

//In retrospective

In retrospective

At this point of my life I have had a great deal of time to think, an action that I had not spent much time on when I was young. The solitude that I longed for in my youth has transformed into terrifying loneliness that manifests itself even amidst the people who pass through my life with varying shades of disregard, and it is essential to keep myself from falling into the abyss of isolation. Moreover, I find that my mind is full of scraps of thought that I am afraid of losing. I wish to collect them, label them and place them in their holders before I go. This is the final examination of the life-long learning, where my experiences are evaluated and classified. But there is no grading, no rating of good or bad – no one tells me I was right or wrong. Only the awareness that if I do so, I would feel as if a heavy mass has been lifted off my mind.

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